Buying a second home in the tempting hills!

This is one of the top priorities on many people’s goal lists!

Whether it’s on the top of mountains surrounded by the family of shiny white clouds or tucked far away in the dense valley hugged with green leaves, buying a second home in nature’s lap has always been one of the dreams for almost every people out there.

And it is the most common line we hear from people. Hills have their own charm and vibe and nothing can be more overwhelming than spending your free time here! 

In fact, in the last recent years, hills have witnessed record-breaking visits in search of luxurious 2/3 BHK flats more than ever before.  The breathtaking aura, pleasant breeze, and all-natural vibe have made hills a more attractive choice for those seeking a buy a second home.

But did you know in modern times when people love smart moves, more than being a relaxation stop for vacation purposes, a second home is more like a smart investment asset to extend financial security while having a great way to boost your lifestyle status around the people you have! Yes, a second home can add a bit of zing to your ordinary life just by its existence! Imagine telling your colleagues and friends that you own a luxurious home in the hills! They will can’t resist asking you to bring them along whenever you plan to revisit!

This write-up will let you know some of the top attractive factors about why you must think of buying a second home in the hills! But before we head to anything else, let’s discover what exactly we mean by saying ‘second home’

What is a second home?
A second home is simply a possession other than your primary residence. In short, a second home can be termed as a vacation home, in a place that offers more extraordinary traits than cities- just like hills, beaches, or a certain distance from your main residence.

Why Buying A Second Home Is a Profitable Move?

  • Vacation Rental Income – You can attract renters and make million in months, by just having a fine home in a prime location! It’s just your second business.
  • Tax Benefits: Just like the normal housing loan, you can save attractive amounts on tax when applying for a second home loan.
  • Potential Appreciation: Leave a solid impression on your people, with ownership of a smart home that left people saying just WOW.

Why Should One Have A Second Home In Hills?
To beat the bustle, hustle, and searing heat of the northern areas, hilly stations provide a plethora of scope. Towns such as Solan, Shimla, Mussoorie, Darjeeling, Nainital, etc are the perfect place, particularly for people who need to make the best of their time gazing at the wilderness. With snow-capped roofs, comfortable flats in or around hilly areas remain the best locality for retirement homes as many real estate’s or residential societies chosen the area.

Whether you’re searching to retire surrounded by the greenery and serenity, only 2/3 BHK in Shimla or any other hill station can provide you this. Considering a hill station home to get away from frantic city life is one choice you won’t repent. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 reasons for choosing flats in Shimla.

1. Home in the lap of nature
Buying a second home in the lap of nature is still an attractive real estate investment for all. Hill stations are rapidly emerging as a sought-after location for investment and gaining prominence to necessities. There is a grown interest in high-net-worth professionals and individuals with high profits for investments in the hill stations.

2. No government approval is needed 
As per government rules, non-domiciles can easily buy a flat in Shimla/other hill stations or have a plot of land from a licensed builder. They do not need any approval from the state government or authorities. But this limitation exists only for non-agriculturists buying land used for agricultural work. In some cases the builders undertakes the responsibility for approval , if any , do check with the builder..

While booking an apartment or flat, buyers should ensure that the project has been built as per the local construction norms. Flat buyers also verify whether the property is registered in RERA or not.   

3. Climate
Hill stations have a cool climate and availability of every necessity, which attracts NRIs looking for luxury 2 BHK flats in Shimla and other hilly areas.
Spending time in the mountains and in the fresh air is no less than having an effective and simple way to improve your quality of life and boost your mood. It’s no wonder people living in Shimla experience the best and pleasant climate throughout the years.
You can feel the cold breeze even in the months of scorching summers; a pleasant sunbath in the month of December, beside you will experience the snowfall, which seems to be heavenly special.

4. Famous tourist attractions
Hill station is beautifully covered with greenery all around. Hill Station attracts many people because of its peaceful landscape, with a range of high-end amenities, outdoor activities, and its rich culture. There are a number of famous attractions for tourists that attract people to reside. 

5. it’s one of the best places for living
The Hill stations of India consistently rank as the topmost place for people to make their second home. Also, it is one of the best places to raise a family. With its affordable cost of living, convenience, local amenities, and other things, hill stations are popular for retirees and kid-friendly too.
It is one of the best spots to be exposed to nature, make unforgettable memories, and meet friendly people.

Besides second homes, hill stations are also attracting the attention of developers of retirement apartments. The simple, beautiful surroundings make it an ideal location for retirement homes for the people who want to consume the rest of their lives apart from the city’s bustle and hustle. It is a perfect place for everyone who loves to stay in the lap of nature.

Wrap Up
Whether you are buying a second home, holiday home, or retirement home in these areas, make sure you know what you are going into.

Hill station is the best place to enjoy your childhood, adulthood, and retirement days with the peace and beauty of nature.

You should be sure of the property’s security, maintenance, and title to enjoy a hassle-free life or experience. And the only place where you can find a perfect fusion of all these factors is none other than world-renowned – Cliffton valley, Shimla!

Cliffton valley is one of the top-notch residency fully featured with all modern amenities at affordable pricing. You can buy fancy apartments at reasonable cost, and it is easily accessible with basic amenities. For more details, you can visit!