AQI stands for Air Quality Index. It is used for reporting daily Air Quality. It defines how clean or polluted your air is. Also, what related health impacts may be a major concern for you. The AQI focuses on health impacts you may understanding inside a couple of hours or days in the wake of breathing in impure or polluted air. “Best” AQI is 0 to 50. Air quality is considered satisfactory, and air pollution presents next to zero risks. “Moderate” AQI is 51 to 100. Air quality is adequate, however, for certain pollutants; there might be a moderate health worry for an exceptionally modest number of people.

What are the health impacts of Impure AQI? 

Polluted Air influences the lungs and respiratory system from multiple points of view. 

It can: 

Disturb the respiratory system, causing throat irritation, coughing,  airway irritation, chest snugness, or chest pain when taking a full breath. 

It may decrease lung function, making it increasingly hard to breathe as profoundly and overwhelmingly as you ordinarily would, particularly when working out. Breathing may begin to feel uncomfortable, and you may see that you are taking more quick and shallow breaths than normal.

Damage or inflame the cells that line our lungs. Inside a couple of days, the damaged cells are supplanted and the old cells are shed—much like the manner in which your skin damage after a sunburn. Studies recommend that if this kind of inflammation happens over and again, lung tissue may turn out to be forever scarred and lung function might be decreased permanently. 

Make the lungs progressively vulnerable to infection. Polluted air diminishes the lung’s safeguards by harming the cells that move particles and microscopic organisms out of the airways and by lessening the number and adequacy of white blood platelets in the lungs. 

Irritate asthma. At the point when air levels are impure or unhealthy, more people with asthma have side effects that require a specialist’s consideration or the utilization of the medication. Polluted air makes people progressively delicate to allergens. The most well-known triggers for asthma attacks. Additionally, asthmatics might be all the more seriously influenced by decreased lung function and airway inflammation. People with asthma ought to approach their doctor for an asthma action design and tail it cautiously when air levels are unhealthy. 

Irritate other interminable lung diseases, for example, bronchitis and emphysema. As groupings of ground-level air pollution increments, more people with lung sickness visit their doctors and are admitted for the proper treatment.

Air pollution may build the danger of diabetes.

As though air pollution’s connecting to the respiratory system was insufficient to stress over, a recent report recommended that open-air pollution expanded the danger of diabetes worldwide. 

Fundamentally diabetes has been related to the way of life decisions like junk food and an inactive lifestyle, however, Washington University in the USA said air pollution additionally plays a significant role in increasing the risks of diabetes in humans.

Impure Air also affects the intellectual growth of children. Impure or polluted air is the reason that some children are found to be mentally quite backward than other children.  It is also one of the biggest reasons for mental health issues among today’s children.

Impure air leads to menstrual health problems and conceiving issues in women. Nowadays, every third woman facing such problems. Mostly, everyone considered that these problems occur due to hormonal imbalance or the consumption of junk food. But, in a recent study, it is found that it may cause due to impure or polluted air.

We all know that good AQI has a positive effect on both our body and health. By breathing in the pure and fresh air, many of our health issues end. As we all know that the atmosphere and air in the hilly areas are clean and fresh. Usually, the hilly areas are free from air pollution and have good Air Quality Index, due to which people living here do not have to deal with dangerous diseases like lung functioning, respiratory system issues, diabetes, asthma, neurological problems, etc. One such hilly area is in Himachal Pradesh which is known as Solan. It is a beautiful city as well as a clean and pure air hilly area. 

we should take advantage of this place. Here are 7 reasons why you ought to invest your time and money here in the fresh air to improve your health: 

Good AQI is useful for your digestive system 

As Solan has AQI average 30 which is good. So  clean and fresh air here at Solan expands the progression of oxygen helping you digest food all the more adequately so this will especially help if you are attempting to lose weight. 

Living in good AQI air improves blood pressure and pulse rate

You should avoid polluted environments especially if you have to improve your blood pressure and pulse rate. Avoid the bustling traffic as the body should work more enthusiastically to get the measure of oxygen it needs over polluted vehicle vapor. But in Solan you will keep away yourself from such issues and provide a good Air Quality Index to your health by living here.

Living in Good AQI makes you happier 

The more fresh air you get, the more oxygen you will inhale which will expand the measure of serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale, therefore making you happier.  So the average 30 AQI of Solan makes you happy & joyful than anywhere else.

Living in Good AQI helps to enhance your immune system 

By expanding the measure of the good AQI we get, will build the measure of oxygen which enables our white blood cells to function appropriately by battling and eliminating microorganisms and germs. Here, at Solan you can automatically helps to enhance your immune system by living in such a good AQI. 

Living in good AQI helps to clean your lungs 

Your lungs enlarge more from having an expansion of oxygen so living in good AQI and taking fresh air improves the purging of your lungs. You discharge airborne toxins from your body while breathing out through your lungs. In Solan, you can help your lungs to keep clean and remain healthy with the help of a good Air Quality Index.

Fresh air and good AQI gives you more energy and a sharp mind 

You may have seen in the wake of investing energy outside, you return inside feeling more brilliant and may be prepared to return to work. More oxygen brings about the functioning brain, improving your concentration abilities and giving you more energy. So, due to the good Air Quality Index at Solan you can inhale the fresh oxygen which will help to make your mind sharp and energetic.

Longer Life Span 

Polluted air can cause the danger of respiratory conditions, for example, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Clean air, ensured via air quality testing, asbestos expulsion, form testing, and shape assessment in Edmonton keeps these conditions under control as well as improves the immune system. Clean air is profoundly significant for a long and healthy life. Good AQI always help in a longer life span and at Solan you can make it possible due to clean and fresh air.


As we get to know in this article that the AQI of Solan (Himachal Pradesh) is around 30 which is equal to the AQI of Switzerland. So we can experience the feel of Switzerland by living in these beautiful plaintiffs of Solan. We at “Chester Hills”  providing a pleasant home for you at Solan. While living here, you will experience Switzerland as well as you will be able to give a priceless gift to your health which will be last longer with you. So, due to good AQI and facilities, it is the best place for living. People who are suffering from serious diseases should move to this place for their healthy growth. 

I’m pretty sure you will all agree that you generally feel more joyful when you would choose to live here. There is a scope of advantages to getting clean and fresh air, it can help you to improve your physical and mental health.