It is an opportunity for any investors to invest in a profitable large-scale establishment according to his budget can be summed up as a hotel room investment. An investment of this proportion is better than owning a hotel and taking care of all the facets of boarding and lodging facility. The investor becomes a shareholder of the property according to his investment, who takes a portion of the profit made by the hotel. All the investors associated with GOLDEN PINES (Cliffton Valley) will be doing a contract with the Hotel owner and for the same and they will be issued a proportionate number of shares against their investments.
The investors prefer to invest in a room than commit to an entire establishment. The reason behind this demand is simply because of the amount of investment and easy entry and exits procedure. These investors aim to make some hefty profit on their investment and get complimentary stay of 28 days in a year in the same or affiliated properties. Thus, they can start to invest in a hotel room for sale with assured rental/dividend with minimal paper work. And whenever they plan to exit out of this investment, they get assured appreciation on buyback option, which is rather the smoothest process in the hotel industry. 

Benefits of Investing in Hotels

Hotel room investment comes with its own set of perks for investors who shares ties with GOLDEN PINES (Cliffton Valley). The benefit is that the investors are presented with the ‘Cherry on the cake’. How is this even possible? Well, they invest in a small share of the hotel to get assured returns in the form of 6% dividend and get complimentary stay of 28 days in a year, plus an assured appreciation of atleast 5% as buyback value after 1 year. The benefit is that they do not have to worry about the management of this hotel, as it will be managed by a highly competent operational partner. These are the factors which add a ‘Cherry on the cake’.

How to Invest in Hotels?

Hotels are humongous commercial assets that call for investment on a large scale. You have the opportunity to invest in a single or multiple rooms. All of these choices depend upon the investment you wish to do and for what duration. GOLDEN PINES (Cliffton Valley) is offering an excellent opportunity for any size of investment in the current market conditions as you will be making some good profits in the years to come. The problem with going for the entire hotel is financing where investors mostly lack the resources to invest in a big establishment. Therefore, real estate syndicates become a good option for investors. These syndicates have a pool of investors who chip in their share of funds to raise these huge establishments.

Make sure to look for the right syndicates like GOLDEN PINES (Cliffton Valley) who have precise investment plans. These plans promise to give assured returns with buyback option. Therefore, we can conclude that our company has the best plans which fit into the pocket of every investor.

Why Invest in Hotels Now?

The hotel industry has been very adaptive to problems on large scales. Hotel industry showed resilience for being adaptable by nature. These components of resilience and adaptability have incurred some innovative changes by the organisation of GOLDEN PINES (Cliffton Valley). Now we have to keep tabs on two essential reasons for immediate investment.

Modern changes like Low Asset Model and Multi Use Homes are some properties people want to experience first-hand. The second reason is the prediction of a booming hospitality industry in Himachal. Tourists, adrenaline junkies, and corporate officials have been locked inside their rooms for more than two years. The pandemic is a thing of the past thanks to the vaccines and preventive measures, thus travel restrictions have been lifted. Hotels have been cheap for investment as they had to survive the COVID-stricken industry. Therefore, our association at GOLDEN PINES (Cliffton Valley) are predicting the size of investment to fit everyone’s budget. So, before the prices go beyond our reach, we must think smart to invest in the properties and have our share of profit margin.