Hills are on top of every buyer’s dream list. With the rise in real estate prices in cities people are increasingly looking at hillside properties as holiday homes.

Real estate prices in Shimla have gone up by more than 70% over the past five years & a rise of 100% is expected in the next few years as per experts.

Locations that have amazing climate throughout the year, are emerging as real estate destinations among investors looking for second homes. Himachal Pradesh’s capital, Shimla, is one such destination.  

Sensing the demand, a luxury housing project in the city named Cliffton Valley. The project in the lap of Shimla keeps you connected to every modern amenity. Its truly exceptional homes have been expertly planned to keep your spiritual and contemporary needs in mind. This gated community boasts of a 360-degree view of the Himalayas with a lavish clubhouse.

Dos And Don’ts For Property Buyers In Shimla 
Can someone who is not a resident of Himachal Pradesh, buy a property in Shimla? The answer is, yes.
Himachal Pradesh Apartment and Property Regulation allows non-domiciles can buy a plot of land or apartment from a licensed builder, without seeking any approvals from the government but not the land for agricultural purposes. 

Our project has been approved under Section 118 of the Tenancy Act, Himachal Pradesh. Any person of Indian origin is eligible to buy a property in our township. It allows the buyer to get the property registered in the buyer’s name. Homebuyers should also check whether the property is RERA-registered.   

This drives the typical first-time homebuyers to be either too careful or quite careless. While it is natural to be jittery about spending a lifetime’s worth of savings, it is certainly not forgivable to waste a golden opportunity to buy the right property just because you took too long to arrive at a decision. The idea is to strike a balance, cut the clutter and focus only on the critical, important things Read More