The possession of an iconic lifestyle is a getaway to create happy moments in life. The moments when your mind, body and soul align on the path of luxury, you achieve the taste of your elegant life. The ultimate luxury of life is far more plausible than a distant dream in this world of hustle and bustle. Flats in Shimla that are designed with premium couture by Cliffton Valley are the best way to have this luxury for yourself.

The flats are far from the busy life of a city where your body can heal in a green environment. The fresh air from the towering pine trees is soothing your tired body of yours. The grand luxury is like a vacation that you enjoy on a daily routine. Adept with fitness centres, a yoga lounge and lush greenery the luxury offered by Cliffton Valley will wrap you in its cosy blanket.

The fine life at Cliffton Valley starts with a community spirit that is adorned with the best amenities of luxurious living. The amenities of city life at the heart of the Himalayas will make you elite at the court hailed by the Queen of Hills, Shimla. The amenities are jewels at the crown that decorates these towering flats in Shimla. We can guarantee your mind will be healthy in this grand setting as the cool breeze takes away your stressful thoughts. Cliffton Valley promises a mind bejewelled with luxury as the heritage of nature surrounds you from all corners. The charming nature of the community apartment can be seen radia+ting from every brick of the residential estate.

The spiritual aspects of your soul crave luxury just like the mind and body. The feat of luxury is going to be at par with all the Vastu specialities to harbour an environment that gives your soul a sense of peace. The Vastu design is coupled with the lifestyle of an urbanite to help them have a facade of luxurious aspects here at the Cliffton Valley. Modern bionics takes an approach to working with the designs of a natural structure. Thus, the designs of Cliffton Valley regale to such high chords of luxury where your mind, body and soul is at one.

The brilliant architecture gives you comfort and luxury that are rare in the Queen of Hills. The composite structure of these flats is a testimony to your luxurious lifestyle. Spacious rooms have been covered with expensive Italian marble that meets the prerequisites of your lifestyle. The balconies are no less than the nest of a rare bird that looks over those distant mountains covered with lush greeneries.

We are looking forward to your visit to Cliffton Valley where stupendous architecture meets class and standard. Help yourself to have a tour of the premium estate that quantifies your necessities of urbanism with the best quality. Visit Cliffton Valley today to have an address to the flats in Shimla that opens the doors to your daily dose of luxury and fine comfort.