The world of architecture has a myriad of wonders of innovations to boast in front of us. Well, all the credit goes to the masterminds who brainstorm to get the ideas for advanced architectural technologies and patterns that are changing the way of architecture globally. Thus those master-minds behind the world-famous advanced modern-age architectures need to be recognized and appreciated.

In a feat of showing respect and recognition to such widely acknowledged eminent architects, the highly prestigious magazine The Gentleman has recently hosted its Best Architect 2021 Award Ceremony 2021. One of the names that deserve a repeated mention among the attendees is Javier Gomez-Pioz due to all the right reasons. He has been awarded the “ARCHITECT 2021 AWARD” ( by Architecture in Global). Here is what we need to know more about him.

Javier and his contribution to the world of architecture:

Javier Gomez Pioz, a Spanish architect, enjoys international recognition, especially for his research on bionic architecture. The long and intricate research includes the use of bionics in urban planning and architecture which has a more humanistic and naturalistic approach to put forward.

In 2018, Javier has Published his Arquitectura Bonica Principios, which talks about the brilliant supremacy of the bionic architectural method which can bring nature to the human lives and interior and improve the way architects can look up to the new age designing and construction methods which is even more eco friendly.

He is even famous in India for his contribution to Chester Hills Solan and Cliffton valley Shimla. These are Himachal’s most prestigious residential housing projects. These elite townships are is one of the most attractive parts of Solan and Shimla

The Best Architect 2021 Award Ceremony 2021 and Javier Pioz

The prestigious Gentleman’s magazine every year hosts its prestigious Best Architect 2021 Award Ceremony to recognize and appreciate the world-famous talents and ideas that are changing the path of the new age of engineering. The 2021’s event took place at Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid where all the most reckoned industry leaders came forward to glam up a warm evening.

Javier Pioz has been honored with the “ARCHITECT 2021 AWARD” for his forward-thinking ideas and contribution to the bionic method.

Javier Pioz has shared his excitement post the event on Instagram, saying, “With my thanks to GENTLEMAN Magazine for the Architecture Award 2021. Lovely and endearing Award Ceremony.”

Javier’s noteworthy ideas can change the path of new-age architecture

Javier has always focused on making the architecture even more nature-friendly, which is evident from his works.

Since the beginning of 1979, the architectural office of Cervera & Pioz has compassionately worked on the development of new urban and architectural models that seek inspiration in bionics.

Adaptability, flexibility, and energy efficiency are prevalent in all natural species. Understanding of these principles sets the foundation of Bionics. Keeping that in mind, Javier’s works can be taken as a torchbearer of evaluation.


Sudershan Singla, the director of Chester Hills and Cliffton Valley says, it is a matter of pride for the people of Himachal that the icons named as Chester Hills and Cliffton Valley are designed by the World’s number 1 architect Dr. Javior Pioz