Every time you travel to the mountains, a piece of yourself is left behind. Who would not like to wake up to foggy mornings, towering mountains, a pleasant wind, the smell of fresh air, and simple life? One such intrinsic location is Shimla. This place is endowed with all of the natural wonders that one can imagine. The steep town is surrounded by green fields and snow-capped hills and is situated in a beautiful setting. The beautiful cold slopes, along with houses built during the colonial period, create an atmosphere, unlike any other hill station.

What was previously known as the “summer capital of British India” is now been transformed into a tourist-friendly hill station in the country’s north. Shimla is the gleaming capital of Himachal Pradesh, and it is by far the top tourist destination in the country. From being the summer capital of British India to being the most popular hill station to being the most polluted hill station to having the best and most advanced government to combat pollution, the city/hill station has experienced it all.

Shimla retains its colonial past, with majestic ancient structures such as the stately Viceregal Lodge, charming iron lamp posts, and Anglo-Saxon names, despite its remarkable expansion. With better health-care infrastructure, a high literacy rate in the country, and citizen-controlled e-services. As a result, the quality of life and accessibility to civic services in Shimla, the country’s most popular hill station and state capital has substantially improved. The buildings have been designed by British architects and are still stunning.

To begin with, the weather is fantastic. One can watch the snow, rain, cool winds, and really beautiful summers. Shimla is also called the walker’s heaven as it is ideal for those who enjoy walking. As it is said that a walk through the pines is always enthralling. Take a walk early in the morning and everything is glistening with newness. Another exceptional feature of staying in Shimla is that one will always be physically healthy as there are several spots that can only be reached on foot.

The Himalayan Queen is the epicenter of high-quality education. Bishop Cotton School, St Edward’s School, Sacred Heart Convent, and Auckland House, to name a few, have all been in Shimla since British India. Almost every school is a member of either the ICSE council or the CBSE board. Medical, dental, engineering, and MBA colleges are all located in the little town. Himachal Pradesh University, the city’s lone university, is located in Shimla and is associated with all degree colleges. On the other hand, the locals of the city are quite pleasant. In the evenings, a stroll through the Mall and the Ridge can really brighten your day, and you’ll see a lot of families out walking and greeting one other.
North Indians are known for their excessive amounts of eating out. Shimla, on the other hand, has managed to satisfy their palates, as this hill station has practically everything to offer. This location will not disappoint the foodie in you, with mouthwatering Indian curries, continental delicacies, and significant eastern cuisines.

Historically speaking then Shimla became the capital of Punjab after independence and was later renamed the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The most intriguing part is that because it is a tiny town, everyone knows everyone else and there is a sense of fraternity. The setting, however, is ideal for this gorgeous medieval hill station giving it another upper hand. This magnificent highland station is around a 2-hour drive from Chandigarh and a 6-hour journey from New Delhi. These are just a handful of the wonderful aspects of Shimla, there are many more that can only be discovered by living in Shimla.

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