Ever dreamt of waking up to beautiful scenery right outside your window? You can make this dream come true by exploring the hills apartments. Endlessly peaking hills, snow-laden views, picturesque landscapes, and calm ambiance are all waiting for you in Shimla. It has got one of the most wonderful yet unexplored terrains of Himachal Pradesh. So now you can put an end to your searching for 2/3 BHK apartments. Shimla, Mehli is the place to have your apartment at.

Shimla is a small hill station that is still quite untouched. It offers a pure natural ambiance where you can take a break from the city life and can explore nature as much as you want to. Shimla will be the best hill station that you will reach first when you drive from the NCR or Chandigarh.

Cliffton Valley provides you the finest and luxurious apartments for an affordable price in Shimla. Superbly blended with its natural and raw surroundings, Cliffton Valley is built on a spacious plot, featuring modern amenities and beautiful open living spaces that drive the real meaning of an elevated lifestyle. You will bring the best returns for your investment in Mehli and traveling to Himachal Pradesh will be a breeze when you live here. We bring luxury living in the alluring natural escape to make you’re living a lot more fantastic life. We believe that the comfort of home is hard to find while traveling and therefore a second home is something that everyone should have on their list.

To make sure you enjoy the comforts and pleasures of Shimla we have combined the best of it in our apartments. It soothes your senses, relieves you from stress and makes you appreciate the beauty of nature. Cliffton Valley knows what you need in your second home in Himachal Pradesh and hence we bring luxury living on the Himachal’s best landscape. You don’t need to look hard in Shimla as Cliffton Valley is the emerging residential hub. The unfamiliar yet abundantly mesmerizing terrains of Mehli will make you feel relaxed and charged after every vacation you take here.

Freehold apartments are luxurious and installed with facilities that are hard to find in Shimla. The normal apartments for Sale in Shimla that you will find can be expensive and congested. On the other hand, Shimla, Mehli is yet to be explored and is spacious enough to support luxury living.

Some of the amenities are its Clubhouse facility, Movie Theatre, Kidz Zone, Saloon and Indoor Games which will give a perfect time to you and your family. Wellness activities like Yoga, Meditation, etc, are designed to help you rejuvenate and revive. Also, Restaurants and Hotels provide a variety of flavors and textures to satisfy your appetite.
It’s a place that gives roots as well as wings to all so that you can live life to its fullest. There is a place for everyone who looks for a balance between nature & city life and will provide long-lasting memories and connections.

Relax and experience the delights of Devbhoomi Himachal by having your own home here!