The sense of opulence comes with mental satisfaction. And science has it that people feel satisfied when they are close to nature. So to live a life that satisfies your mind and fulfils the lush of your souls, what can be better than Opulence Flats in Mehli, Shimla – Himachal’s most preferable location!
Waking up in an environment surrounded by the gravity of hills is such a feeling that can’t be described by words. Shimla is a place that is visited by millions of tourists every year. Shimla is filled with the greenery mingled with the peaks of the mountain. The picturesque beauty of Shimla accompanied by the heritage of the colonial era makes Shimla is a place that holds the heritage of the ancient age with all the Viceregal Lodges.

Why is Shimla the best destination for your vacation?

Located at an eagle’s nest of 7224 fts, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the mountains. The town is especially known for its pleasing experience while walking on the roads. Surrounded by the ample numbers of trees predominantly pine and oak, this small town will give you the most pleasant experience.
Colonial-designed houses and buildings offer a distinct look. The desolate roads, breezy clear blue sky, unlimited greenery, and the sweetness of earth make this place one of the most desirable destinations for tourists. Especially, starting from the December to February, the place wears a blanket of ice.
Along with this touch of beauty, Shimla also involves an ample number of grandiose complexes that make the Shimla one of the best places to stay in. At Cliffton Valley, you can avail yourself of the 1/2/3 BHK apartments that are completely gated. All the apartments are designed with modern-day’s amenities.
Here, you can enjoy cooking in the contemporary cooking house. Moreover, in terms of modern appliances, these apartments hold outstanding grades. However, most people want that their bathroom should have a touch of modernity. In this case, apartments in Cliffton Valley involve all the modern amenities in the bathroom that are generally common in the rest rooms of city life. Sipping the glass of wine and enjoying sangfroid at the top of the hill sitting on an easy chair, you can forget all your anxieties and depression. The specialty of these apartments lies in its special features:

  • Smart Features
  • BBQ Areas
  • The privilege of high-speed WiFi
  • Playground
  • Multi-Gym
  • Children’s play area
  • Car parking facilities
  • Yoga Room

Along with this, you can enjoy watching films in the Movie Theatre, 24/7 Package Delivery facility, and many more things. You can ensure that you can enjoy all the modern amenities with the touch of serenity at Cliffton Valley.
Wrapping UP
If you are bitten by the wanderlust-bug, it’s time to get yourself cocooned in a luxurious flat in Simla. This winter, make Cliffton Valley your place to rejuvenate and experience the beauty of Himachal!