Who doesn’t want to live a luxurious life? Wait! But there is a common misconception that the term ‘luxurious life’ is also limited to metropolitan cities only. Especially, when it comes to hills, people anticipate that they will be living the rustic, Nordic life there. We won’t say that it is not true but the time has changed and hill stations have got a new makeover of modernity backed by the natural beauty of Shimla.
Shimla boasts of having a highly-end gated property ‘Cliffton Valley’ designed by world-famous architect Javier Pioz. Standing among the serene atmosphere of the hills, Cliffton Valley meets the higher standard of the lifestyle. The beauty of the Cliffton Valley can be summed up in three ways ‘Convenience, Comfort and Classy’. The contemporary designs with having the touch of modernity create an unbeatable and higher standard of living.

Cliffton Valley – the most desirable place among the people of India

The most highly esteemed Shimla’s residential Structure, designed by Javier Pioz, is situated having an area of 574.00 sq. ft. – 1950.00 sq. ft. The most beautiful residential structure in Shimla offers an ideal space with stunning aspects of nature. It is the best place for you to stay with your relatives and friends.

The dynamic beauty of the Cliffton Valley takes a vital part in making living in Shimla so peaceful and easier. Especially, crafted windows ensure that the rooms look brilliant in the daylight and even in the time of the night, the darkness of night mixed with the featured lights in Cliffton valley gives it an alluring effect to the villa.
With all of these modern amenities to cherish your soul, visit Cliffton Valley to see the beauty in nature mixed with modern days’ amenities. All the apartments come in different sizes and styles. Living here rejuvenates the bubble of your dreams of leading a lavishing life in the lap of nature. Wake up to the picturesque view every morning to glare at the various shades of the sky. Enjoy all of this mythical beauty with all the modern facilities needed to live a comfortable life.

Here at Cliffton Valley, we get a pristine array of housing. They are accessible in multiple designs and sizes. You can opt for a 1 BHK or go for the 3 BHK based on your need. Live in this scenic picturesque view that Shimla has to offer. Start to enjoy the life of luxury in the lap of nature. Here the birds chirp and watch the sky change its colour all through the day.
Do not regret waiting for so long. Visit Cliffton Valley to check out the amazing configuration of the modern lifestyle. Call us to book your dream apartment today!