Are you tired of looking for the perfect place that gives some balance to work, life and plays? This is the time you can end your search after you reside in the flats of Shimla made by Cliffton Valley. Our quest for perfection has made our mind search for more. Thus, we want to have a home, which is perfect in every sense. The reason that makes Cliffton Valley an ideal spot is the rare concept of luxury that is established in a quiet location. Every morning in an apartment in Cliffton Valley is like a breath of fresh air to a luxurious lifestyle.

The opportunity to build a home in the “Queen of Hills” is offered to everyone who loves Shimla. The days when you were a guest of this majestic city of India are gone. You can now blend into the thin fabric of nature and luxury by shifting to a flat in Shimla. The mind will stop searching for more after you start to live your days at the pinnacle point of Shimla. The fine cocktail of thrill and luxury after having an address at Cliffton Valley is going to keep you as cool as a cucumber.

The homes are planned by Javier Pioz to display his best talent of bridging nature and innovative engineering in the project of Cliffton Valley. The flats designed by Cliffton Valley have a strong foundation to provide safety from earthquakes. The architectural brilliance has looked after the safety features to keep the residents safe with these precise and robust dynamics of modern engineering.

The interior design is as unique as the lifestyle offered by these flats in Shimla. All blocks flats are covered with lavish stature of Italian marble. The tiles are made to avoid skidding and slipping down on the floor. This property keeps you safe in these open and spacious balconies. The spacious layout is flexible to accommodate any desire you have for your apartment. High living factors like crisp internal finishes and glazed kitchens are some latest additions to the crown of Cliffton Valley.

A wide range of amenities is designed for the recreation of every resident in the Cliffton Valley. They are made with a keen sense of adaptability to cater to the needs of everyone from children to the elderly. A lavish cafe caters to your search for a cosy corner by the hills. The gated community is a quintessential factor for a flat in Shimla, which ensures all the children having fun in the kid’s play area, are safe. A relaxing retreat to wash out your stress in the warm spas of Cliffton Valley will rejuvenate your mind and body. The mind stops looking for more when you can live a healthy life by using the modern gym that offers a wide range of exercise routines. The young adults in the community can let go of some steam in the spacious clubs with lots of booze, dance and music.

With all these amenities offered at a flat in Shimla, you can visit Cliffton Valley. We are sure your mind will stop searching for more as the “Queen of the Hills” have all the luxury you need in your life.