Air Pollution, traffic jams, roads with big potholes, urban sprawls, overcrowded markets/stations/metros/Buses, water shortage, long hours of electricity cut, smells from sewerage, and crimes are the list of some of the problems that everyone is facing in the urban city. Everyone needs better living conditions and safety in life. But do we find the solutions to some of these urban city problems? I am sure leaving some exceptional places, we have yet to find a solution to some of the above-listed urban city problems even after the 75th year of independence.
One of the old thoughts we used to read from our religious books is that if you need a peaceful and calm life, go to the Himalayas. How far is this belief true?
To make it possible, Cliffton valley, in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, has come to rescue you from the chaos of the City. This project is developed with the help of the world’s famous architect, Mr. Javier Pios, and experienced management. The project brings you 1/2/3 BHK flats in Mehli, Shimla, which have natural and raw surroundings and modern amenities.
Lifestyle in the hills brings you such a happy moments you can’t experience in the city. These moments of life fulfill your dreams come true. 

Some of the best points of living a new lifestyle in the Cliffton Valley are:

  1. You can breathe fresh air
  2. Every day brings you happiness with the natural scenic view of the Himalayas.
  3. No pollution, and No stress. You can live a peaceful and healthy life.
  4. Shimla is known for its sloppy mountain view and romantic weather.
  5. One can enjoy both the summer and winter seasons.
  6. One finds healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.
  7. Though you live in hilly and sloppy mountains, you are provided with all urban amenities such as an Ultra modern Gym, Kids’ play areas, Yoga rooms, etc.
  8. The place is very close to Chandigarh and not very far from New Delhi.
  9. You can remain disease free with nature’s good environment and natural source of vegetation/fruits.

The Cliffton Valley provides a golden opportunity to buy flats in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla. You get pure water, cheaper electricity, and a better climate than urban cities throughout the year.

Shimla has become an important location for developers to build homes for those who wish to live a healthy lifestyle. Having your dream home in Shimla is also a good investment opportunity.

The Clifton Valley provides you with flats with grand luxury and lush greenery, which you can’t find in the chaos of the city.