Life in a city is full of chaos with increasing pollution and day-by-day humanity is suffering from the scarcity of green nature. The people started looking for pure air and nature that is full of greenery as they use the holiday as an excuse. This search for people can be stopped with the Cliffton Valley, because they are providing deluxe flats with aesthetic views of the hills of Himachal Pradesh. With the help of this project, one can easily have a luxurious living experience in the “Queen of hills”, Shimla.

The place for solace in Modern life
The project of Cliffton Valley is taking the initiative to bring the human population back to the lap of Mother Nature. The Cliffton Valley can be defined as a masterpiece that is designed by the architect Javier Pioz. He is one of the most influential architects in the entire world and the first one who integrated modern Bionic into the projects of architecture.
Bionic architecture creates a bridge between modern construction and nature. It uses the style of the natural structure, plants’ biological development and other organic things scientifically in its technical patterns. This establishes a bridge between nature and technology that helps to prevent any kind of disaster from happening.

Facilities provided in Cliffton Valley
The location of Cliffton Valley is well suited for the residents as it is connected with Shimla by road. Cliffton Valley provides various hospitals, movie theatres, schools and shopping malls. Life in Cliffton Valley is also secure as it always under high-security CCTV surveillance. The property buyers will enjoy a lavishing life throughout. Amenities like Steam, spa or sauna along with children’s playrooms and yoga rooms are being offered by the society. Parking lot facility and water supply for 24 X 7 are also provided by the society.
There are eight blocks allocated for this project namely Block A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. Block H is allocated for commercial purposes, while all the other blocks are residential. Every flat in Block A is of 3 BHK. Block B offers flats of both 3 BHK and 2 BHK. Flats of Block C come in with 2 BHK. Block D offers flats of 2 BHK, whereas Block E offers flats of 3 BHK, with two different sizes. The flats of Block G are of 3 BHK offering 2 different sizes. Block F is unique in the sense that it offers flats of both of 2 BHK, and 3 BHK.
The sizes of the flats of start from 979 sq. ft and continue up to 1825 sq. ft. Other super areas include 1184 sq ft, 1232 sq.ft and 1330 sq.ft. all these flats include Italian Marble flooring and come for a very affordable price.