They say ‘home is where the heart is’ and that is true because there is no other place wherein you feel that safe while you rest your bones. For centuries living beings have been putting in efforts to make their own place. Be it an ant who joins every particle of sand to make an anthill or a bird who collects every small twig to build a nest or humans who work all their lives to build a space that holds their deepest values and hope for them. A home is ultimately a place where an individual spends the most memories at all phases of their journey.

A house is where life moments happen and where incidents matter. It is the place where one suddenly pauses everything to enjoy a moment between moments when they are with their loved ones or when their dreams come to life. Most importantly it is a primary need for everyone as it provides security and privacy along with a loving environment. When buying a home one of the most important factors is the location. Some people prefer to live in the city where they get to enjoy every day’s fast-moving life while others want peace so they desire to live in places where life moves on at a slow pace like mountains. Living in mountains means that one gets to wake up to the sounds of birds chirping with fresh air flowing through their faces while they get to stroll on the roads covered by trees.

Earlier living in the mountains was like a dream that could never be true due to restrictions for Non-Himachali residents. However, now that the government has lifted these restrictions it has turned very much into reality. Catering to this many residential projects have been started by well-reputed real estate developers out of those one is Cliffton Valley situated in the ‘Queen of Hills’, Shimla. The town is famous for its rich architectural colonial buildings, vibrant culture, mall road, pleasant walking experience, and much more. Along with that it also has a high quality of life as Shimla scored 53.05 points in the living index while 23.39 points in economic ability, with 69.16 in sustainability and 83.30 in the perception of citizens survey. So all residing in the former summer capital of British India means that one feels as if they are living in heaven.

Sharing his take on residing amidst mountains the founder of Cliffton Valley shares, “Well according to me if you are someone who appreciates a quiet environment where your mind is in a state of ease then indeed your home is meant to be in mountains. Living in a calm environment provides serenity to the soul which is unmatched and we understand this. Therefore, we started our project Cliffton Valley with the motive of providing affordable yet luxurious flats in Himachal. One of the plus points about living in mountains is that you get to meet extremely kind people and we at Cliffton Valley ensure to have a gated community to make one feel at home.”

With its infrastructure being designed with top-class features that are incorporated after long research & development and interiors all being created in a modern way, team Cliffton Valley seeks to provide comfortable houses. They have multiple apartments including 1, 2 and 3 BHK. From basic amenities to modern ones they have it all. Each house at Cliffton Valley has been given a contemporary touch to meet the new requirements in the market. If you are someone who is looking for a chance to build their dream home in the midst of a lush green environment with solitude all around then a place at Cliffton Valley will no doubt make it come real.