Your home at Cliffton Valley is a unique blend of life and pleasures. Each single home at Cliffton Valley has a view facing the woods, valleys or the mountains. Extreme care has been taken to design the interiors of the homes at Cliffton Valley. Be it a 2 BHK apartment or a 4 BHK apartment, all the spaces have been designed with a purpose – to enhance your living experience.

The luxurious 2 BHK apartments at Cliffton Valley embrace extravagant luxury. The apartments having large bedrooms with large bathrooms and a balcony that offers the breathtaking view of the valley. Each apartment can be easily accessed through the internal stairs or an elevator.

Living in these 2 BHK apartments is the best choice for those who love to live life King Size. The layout of these apartments ensure that you will always enjoy the enjoyable unobstructed view.

Mountains, Nature & Golf, these three magic words already have your attention, allow us to tell you a little more about this magical bit of luxury living up in the Himalayas, close to Shimla, that we have named Cliffton Valley. All in tune with the elegant, signature lifestyle you need to have.

The Perfect Place To Be

Everyone is looking for a lavish family home to weave those holiday memories in or a hide-away for own, solitary escapes & we have the ideal space for you. Each home at Cliffton Valley blends Victorian elegance with the best of Indian aesthetic.

Every home gives you stunning views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. The finest designers in the land have featured the best in building materials to put together these premium residences of which one awaits your name.

The super luxurious 4BKH apartments are designed to be as large as your universe. Bring your family to spend memorable times in these homes. Large living rooms and dining halls envelop your family in the warmth of nature.

If you are looking for a more compact family space, the 4 BHK super luxury apartment are for you!

For a jet-setting couple, the 2 BHK apartments offer the perfect hideaway in the hills. Embrace Nature and luxury in one go.

Living in Cliffton Valley also means you give in to the luxuries of thoughtful additions like state-of-the-art gyms, lavish pools, and a host of other features that enhance the experience of each day you spend here. The Club House and Bar is all in your service. Enjoy wholesome food at the Tuck Shop, access helicopter services if the need arises, and enjoy 24×7 security.

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