This is a story of the couple Lakshay and Kajal, who shared the same love for mountains. From its colonial origins to Bollywood and beyond, everyone knows that Shimla is known for making love stories happen. There is a whiff in Shimla’s air that takes you to the road of love and romance. Shimla, known as the ‘Queen of Hills’, remains a town wrapped in romance. Every street, cafe, viewpoint, and nature trail in Himachal Pradesh’s capital city oozes romance, making your love story eternally memorable. Shimla’s rustic charm, stunning panoramic vistas, colonial structures, and gorgeous weather combine to offer unforgettable experiences every couple looks forward to.

Shimla, a beautiful hill station in the Greater Himalayan region, is surrounded by majestic peaks, lush vegetation, cozy cottages, and a diverse range of flora and fauna. It is not kept a secret that Shimla is known as the summer capital of colonial India, where many people start their love story and give it a beautiful ending. This couple also narrates their passion for the mountain and how their love for the hill gives their story a unique turn. Lakshay, who loves the feeling of cold breeze touching his face, the fragrance of wildflowers, cedar woods, silver-white snow peaks on the horizon, pearl-shaped icicles that hang from sloping eaves, and even in the legends and ballads associated with the town, meets a girl Kajal having the same kind of love for mountains in her heart and was planning to buy a small apartment in hills and during her search for a small home in Himachal she happens to visit a flat at a residential project Clifton valley.

After a beautiful property tour, she decided to take a short walk. And that’s where the couple met the first time for pleasant walking experiences on hillsides surrounded by pine and oak forests. They both became friends, followed by long walks, chit-chat sessions, and astounding scenic views. The very next day, both of them reencountered each other and planned to climb the hills together. Similarly, the couple went to multiple places together just as dusk was setting in, the sky bright with the sunset hues, and they realized their love and passion for each other.

They were so enamoured with the region that Lakshay and Kajal decided to go for a guided tour of Shimla. They toured the locations that were the textbook definition of “Charming” while holding hands in the narrow lanes of the quaintly bustling Shimla while it rained. The sound of rushing waters reminded them that they were indeed in nature’s lap as they traveled across multiple streams. The couple also visited a waterfall during their trip to Shimla, where the flowing waters rejuvenated their mind and body. They also enjoyed walking hand-in-hand as clouds encircled them and occasionally showered them.

While everyone around us was hurrying up the tourist-crowded mall road, it seemed like the couple were the only two people simply standing and staring at each other, thinking aloud how many love stories had fallen into place in the city of Shimla. When they climbed upstairs and looked down on the streets below, it was clear that there was a more colorful turmoil in their hearts than the market stretched out in front of their eyes, with all the feelings that came gushing out of nowhere for each other.

The popular tourist destination has moved on from its colonial past. Still, romance is always in the air with an endless stream of couples and young lovers holding hands as they walk dreamily along the tree-lined pathways or stare endlessly into each other’s eyes while sitting on one of the many public benches strewn across Mall Road. Cafés and walking streets such as Forest Road, Gole Pahari, Potter’s Hill, Annandale, and Glen have replaced popular observation points and street corners. The aura, however, persists, and Shimla continues to inspire new romantic stories.

Disclaimer: This article is purely fictional, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.